About the 2nd WSV Conference - WSV2023


The  WSV2023 2nd conference will be held  at the Rīga Stradiņš University, in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia. The 2023 WSV scientific program will include special symposia on important viral diseases as well as different sessions on different disciplines of virology including humans, animal, plant, fungal, insect, archaeal, and bacterial viruses.

About Riga

The Gothic spires that dominate Rīga’s city scape might suggest austerity, but it is the flamboyant art nouveau that forms the flesh and the spirit of this vibrant cosmopolitan city, the largest of all three Baltic capitals. Like all northerners, it is quiet and reserved on the outside, but there is some powerful chemistry going on inside its hip bars, modern art centres, and in the kitchens of its cool experimental restaurants. Standing next to a gulf named after itself, Rīga is a short drive from jet-setting sea resort, Jūrmala, which comes with a stunning white-sand beach. But if you are craving solitude and a pristine environment, gorgeous sea dunes and blueberry-filled forests, begin right outside the city boundaries.